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Hi All! Welcome to the home of "Rocky Mountain Woman".  Here you can keep up with the media and any further developments with the full album that is in the works with the same name.  For starters, here's a couple of pictures for you to get your head and toe a tappin'!! 

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Rocky Mountain Woman

VS 1- I was born in the mountains in Idaho with a rattle snake on my knee. And as the years went by I decided that it was high time to see the sea! So I got on a boat to Alaska to see the Northern Lights, and it was only when I got there that I learned a few things about my life ¦that I’m a

Chorus- Rocky Mountain Woman, yeah! I’m a cowgirl to my roots.  Give me my bear, my moose, my buffalo and boots. Give me my creek runnin’ clear with trout and my horse tied to a tree and I can you can see that Rocky Mountain Woman runnin’ wild in me!


VS 2- Well Australia was the next step on my list of things to do. And I met myself a man playin a thing called a digeridoo! And so I asked him “Sir, where can I find a Wallaby and Kangaroo?” and he said “Hey girl, you said that like you come from Timbucktoo!” And I said, “I’m a

To Chorus


Now there’s nothing quite like ride in beneath the stars in Idaho. And and settin up camp and fallin asleep aside your fire’s golden glow. And I know these boots have traveled far beyond these mighty peaks, but know my heart is never far away when I sleep. Cause I’m a

Final Chorus  X 2 and end.

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