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Feb 2007 Press Release

Lori Crandall

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February 14, 2007


“The Warrior In Me”, a Military Epic dedicated to all US military personnel serving around the globe by new artist, Lori Crandall.

The “Rocky Mountain Woman” has returned from living abroad in New Zealand and has produced her EP “The Warrior In Me”.  The title track from this EP along with the track “Horror In Your Eyes” are a tribute to all those defending freedom in horrible circumstances, as well as all survivors of domestic violence. 

Lori Crandall- a singer/songwriter, originally from Boise Idaho, has always been keenly aware of the suffering of people.  Lori says, “having served in the US Army as well has having traveled to many parts of the globe, I am aware of the severe challenges that face so many people.  You only have to watch coverage of the war in Iraq and Afganistan for 5 minutes to get a real feel for what our soldiers and the innocent victims there are going through.  These songs are for them.”

 “Lori has also turned her powerhouse and emotion filled voice on her other true love … Country Music.   Her new single, “Rocky Mountain Woman”, produced separately from her EP  is an upbeat, bluesy track with tons of soul, tons of energy, and all things country including bears, buffalo and even boots!

 “I write music about what I know and feel, because that is the way I communicate.  My music is my voice.”

Lori’s  “The Warrior in Me” EP and her single,"Rocky Mountain Woman" are available at Itunes, and   

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