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Hi all! this is the home of all the details to my music!  Lori Crandall

My new hit "Hittin' it out of the Park" and "Rocky Mountain Woman"  are available as an MP3's only at Itunes,,

My EP album "The Warrior In Me", , is available for  purchase as either as album or MP3's at Itunes, and

This album celebrates recovery from domestic violence and the will and determination it takes to recover from such abuse.  I'm working with Mike McCarthy here in Manuka Studios in Orewa, New Zealand on all my music projects.   




 For those of you with connections to Domestic Violent Shelters, Hospitals, Friends or Family that are in need of support in getting out of a bad situation, please forward this onto them.  I remember a time in my life when something as simple as a television program made ALL the difference to me.  Music is just as powerful.  Thanks all.  Lori


 I have physical copies of my single "I'm Steppin' Up" for 5 US dollars each.  Contact me at if you would like one. 

Thanks!  Enjoy!