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Hi There,

This is the place to watch some music videos made with my music, but with clips from "Xena: Warrior Princess". Please note you need to download Realplayer to view these videos. Thanks. Warrior In Me with credits.wmv


1.  The Warrior In Me, music and vocals by Lori Crandall, video by Charmed Fan. (16.2 MB)

*Please note that when you click "play" the video has to load.  If you play it before it has fully loaded you will have to push play repeatedly, however, once it has loaded it plays completely through freely.  Also, to view it in full screen, simply right click over the video and click on "Zoom" and click "Full Screen".  Enjoy!


*COMING SOON-(see below)

2.  The Warrior In Me, alternate version.  This time around the music is the same, but the video producer is different and the artistic impression is different.  I thought you might like to see both.  Once again, music and vocals by Lori Crandall, video by Richard K.

3.  Horror In Your Eyes   music and vocals by Lori Crandall, video by  Charmed Fan

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